Covid-19 Updates

Corona Virus Updates on 16.04.2020
Source: MOH Public Health General Directorate Guide, updated 14.04.2020
You can find latest information regarding the virus restrictions below on ambulance services in Turkey.
  1. Adequate PPE must be kept available,
  2. Mask, Gloves, Face & Eyes Protector has to be used by First Responders & Transfer Team.
  3. After patient transfer, ambulance and equipment must disinfect ASAP.
  4. Without disinfection, ambulance and team cannot provide transfer service.
  5. When transfer request received, questions below first ask the patient;
    1. Do you have cough?
    2. Do you have breathing problem?
    3. Do you have fever or fever story?
    4. Has your any friend & relative hospitalized with breathing problem story in last 14 days?
    5. Has your any friend & relative diagnosed with Covid-19 in last14 days?
If any 2 questions replied “YES”, 112 ambulance team will provide transfer service (without accompany person) with bacteria/virus filters are being kept ready.