Antalya Assistance provides technical and medical services for insured travelers. Our purpose is to provide an award-winning service and assistance in Antalya and everywhere in Turkey together with hundreds of our professional service providers. Our Call Centre is divided into two productive departments, the Technical Support “Blue Room” and the Medical Support “Red Room” where all the organizations of our clients are being held. Our Call Centre is operated by skilled and professional Russian, German, Turkish and English speakers.

In the year 2014, a newly and innovative infrastructure technology investment “SAS Technology” is now being use for a fast and more efficient connection and communication. We provide an internet based procedure “Online Tracking” for a quick record monitoring, “Cost Containment Process” that is use in handling hospital expenses, implementing detailed information to various insurance and assistance companies, agents, local embassies and consulates.


To be a trusted company that provides a reliable and high performance solution to our customers needs


By 2023, Antalya Assistance will be the leading assistance brand in the industry