Antalya Assistance provides technical and medical services for insured travelers.   Our purpose is to provide an award-winning service and assistance in Antalya and everywhere in Turkey together with hundreds of our professional service providers.  Our Call Centre is divided into two productive departments, the Technical Support “Blue Room” and the Medical Support “Red Room” where all the organizations of our clients are being held.  Our Call Centre is operated by skilled and professional Russian, German, Turkish and English speakers.

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Such services like alarm centre phone operations, arranging of emergency medical assistance, transportation to the health facility, house call, following up of the patients, examination at the hospital, cost control, hospital expenses payments, ground and air ambulance, stretcher flight reservation, medical escort, obtaining the fit-to-fly report, providing information about medical facilities and similar various assistance are provided here.


This department is providing the services like hotel research and booking, assisting with information in case of emergency, passport or money lost on a journey, lending cash, following up lost baggage, ticketing, rent-a-car and taxi services arrangements, transferring home the kids who lost their parents due to accidents, short translating assistance on the phone, providing information on lawyers for following up official procedures after the traffic accidents, helping with dealing on lost documents, translations of medical reports or other necessary documentation, if requested, official certification and notarizing of translation, towing services, road assistance, booking hotel and finding a vehicle for the period of car repair, obtaining of documents about the car condition and repairing process.


Emergency Hotline

Is open every weekdays 08.30–18.30 and weekends between 08.30–16.00(GMT+2) / For Contracted Corporations 24 hours

Medical Support

Providing necessary road assistance to transport the patients to the nearest medical centers

Emergency Medical Examination

Providing first aid treatment and various clinical assistance

Medical Follow-ups

Provide necessary check-up procedures and coordination of our company doctor to the hospital while in the process of treatment

Payments of Hospital Expenses

Settling of payments upon approval from insurances and health organizations

Examination by the Doctor-in-charge

We conduct examinations/treatments to the exact location of the patient

Medical Cost Control

Managing the expenses of hospital and health insurances

Land and Air Ambulance Assistance

Worldwide emergency assistance for patients to be escorted by doctors and nurses, providing road ambulance, air ambulance or helicopter transfer

Travel Reservations for patient in stretcher

Organization of flight Reservation/ticketing and requisition for 5 to 6 convertible cabin seats for easy accommodation of patients travelling in stretchers

Consultation of Medical Records

Examination of patient’s hospital records under the direct supervision of a physician or health professional

Medical Assistance for various services

Organizing of medical facilitation such as ambulance, nurses, doctors and medical team in the area of accident

Medical Escort

Providing escort from a doctor or nurse

Proper advice about Health Institutions

Providing accurate information about government and private health services

Flight Capability

Providing appropriate medical report for the patient whose traveling in stretcher through air ambulance or aircraft


Information and Services

  • - Assistance for Hotel search and other organizations
  • - Relaying necessary information in case of emergency
  • - Relaying information for lost passports, cash or credit cards
  • - Emergency Cash Transfer
  • - Luggage and Baggage tracking
  • - Flight reservations and ticketing
  • - Car Renting and taxi assistance
  • - Reaching the children of the patients in case of accident or medical emergency

Legal and Translation Services

  • - Precise Telephone translation
  • - Applying legal procedures declared by a lawyer in case of accident or emergency
  • - Tracking procedures for any lost legal papers and documents
  • - Translation of medical report and documents
  • - Providing legal documents coming from certified translators and notary public offices

Automobile Services

  • - Vehicle Towing
  • - Road Assistance
  • - Car Rentals
  • - Providing hotel accommodations while the vehicle is in repair
  • - Preparing of necessary documents and reports provided by insurance companies