The repatriation agreement signing between International SOS and Antalya Assistance last May 20, 2014 will cover the medical care and repatriation assistance service for their client’s.  Antalya Assistance will provide International SOS along with their global offices the necessary assistance with accordance to the services of Red Room the medical department and the Blue Room, the technical department.

     International SOS with their main in Singapore and Indonesia and other operating companies in Hongkong, Australia, Japan and China, has been discovered by a French doctor name Pascal Rey-Hemme in the early of 1980’s, when he worked in a French embassy in Jakarta and became aware of the need to deliver an international standard of healthcare to some international organizations.  AEA International was founded in 1985, when he and his childhood friend Arnaud Vaissie decided to set up a business in providing international medical care and medical emergency assistance in Southeast Asia.  And in 1998, AEA International acquired International SOS Assistance and renamed the business as International SOS.   

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