Emergency Hotline : Is open every weekdays 08.30–18.30 and  weekends between 08.30–16.00(GMT+2) / For Contracted Corporations 24 hours

Emergency Medical Examination : Provide first aid treatment and various clinical assistance

Medical Support :  Provide necessary road assistance to transport the patients to the nearest medical centers

Examination by the Doctor-in-charge : We conduct examinations/treatments to  the exact location of the patient

Medical Follow-ups : Provide necessary check-up procedures and coordination of our company doctor to the hospital while in the process of treatment

Medical Cost Control : Managing the expenses of hospital and health insurances

Payments of Hospital Expenses : Settling of payments upon approval from insurances and health organizations

Land and Air Ambulance Assistance : Worldwide emergency assistance for patients to be escorted by doctors and nurses, providing road ambulance, air ambulance or helicopter transfer

Medical Assistance for various services : Organizing of medical facilitation such as ambulance, nurses, doctors and medical team in the area of accident

Travel Reservations for patient in stretcher : Organization of flight Reservation/ticketing and requisition for 5 to 6 convertible cabin seats for easy accommodation of patients travelling in stretchers

Medical Escort : Providing escort from a doctor or nurse

Consultation of Medical Records : Examination of patient’s hospital records under the direct supervision of a physician or health professional

Proper advice about Health Institutions : Providing accurate information about government and private health services

Flight Capability : Providing appropriate medical report for the patient whose traveling in stretcher through air ambulance or aircraft